Good evening!  I have some good news!  I finally bit the bullet and got my bike!

001 Please excuse my flash…someone stepped on my camera this weekend and the screen no longer works.  Yes I am bummed about it, but it still works and I do not have the funds to get a new after buying my bike!

REI is having an anniversary sale with 15% off all bikes and I knew it was no or never to try and get my bike. Cannondale CAAD Women’s 8.

004 I took her out for a ride yesterday and it was such a difference from my mountain bike.  For one I clipped in (I only fell off once) and my biked just seemed smoother and went further.  I ended up doing about 23 slow miles.  I wanted to get used to the bike and the trail was a little to bumpy to go fast on a road bike.  I saw so many cute farm homes in back country Maryland.  I need to take her out on the open road, but I have a race to train for in less than 2 weeks!!!

I am already checking out races in the area and I am excited for this new adventure.

Next step in my life…save for new camera…what kind should I get????


One Comment on “Biker”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Very cool bike! Bummer about your camera…

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