A Bit of Magic

I got a special delivery today!

001 My magic bullet!

I won this sucker through a giveaway on RunEatRepeat and I have been looking forward to it arriving on my door ever sense!002 This comes at a great time because Nick has been really getting into smoothies these days.  He is actually eating them for breakfast! He is not a breakfast person.

Best features…

  1. Portable for tailgating or any other time you need a blender to go…beach, camping etc.
  2. Small and dishwasher safe

I am going to give her a whirl tomorrow morning with a breakfast smoothie.

I still need to read the directions, but I figured out how to charge her.

Line em up and drink them down!

003 Do you have a magic bullet?  What is your favorite combo to create in it?  I see that it makes salsa and grinds coffee? Crazy!

Now what to do with the old blender…


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