Harvest Time

I harvested my first crop today.


My first homegrown lettuce, ever!

005 It was soft and delicate just like it should be.  I almost felt bad cutting off the heads and bringing them inside.

Someone was ready to investigate upon my entrance.002 She seemed very curious about the leafy green.

003 Do you think she ate it?

Nope, just licking the water off.  I did give her a bit to try however.  She figured it was a toy for her to bat around.

I cannot wait for my other crops to come in.  I can see my baby zucchini and cauliflowers starting to pop out and I have some green peppers that will turn yellow on the stem.

Food you can grow yourself is amazing.

In closing, please pray for the sea life in the Gulf.


2 Comments on “Harvest Time”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Lily Beans! Congratulations on your first crop of lettuce…fresh is the best. I am looking forward to my first visit to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow.

    Yes, will say prayers.

    Love, Moma Beans

    p.s. great photos!

  2. DiFi says:


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