Simple Pleasures

There are something that just make you happy in life.

Friday afternoons, knowing that you have the whole weekend in front of you, is one of them.

Add a little cheese and wine and I am perfectly happy.


Nick and I enjoyed some wine, cheese and olives on our balcony to kickoff the weekend.

A little something different to make life interesting.002 What are some simple pleasures in your life?

In racing news…

I ran the ZOOMA 10k this morning.003 7th/235 age group

31st/1458 females

34th/1542 overall

I think I did pretty well all things considered!  Maybe one day I could actually place top 3?  I would not want the added pressure of this idea though.

Overall I would not recommend this race.  It was expensive and poorly organized.  They were still setting up when we arrived and were not ready for the 10kers at the post race pavilion.  I will not be doing this race again.  I am however looking for my next one!

I hope you had a great weekend!


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