Simple Pleasure

Yesterday I was able to attend the farmers market.  I love talking to the small organic venders vs. the large organic with a bunch of kids working there for the summer.  My favorite famers are a father daughter duo who are more than eager to tell me about what is the best thing on their table.  I get there an hour into the market and they are usually sold out of at least one item.

Yesterday they told me about the fava bean.

002 They take patience and care to prepare and are perfect for balcony or porch shucking.  I was instructed to bar boil them for 30sec for easier skin removal.  Sissy and I took this activity outside.


The farmers told me not to make something fancy with them.  She felt that “recipes spoil their natural flavor”.  They tasted great raw to me!  I cooked them up into a sort of succotash with mushrooms, sweet potato and parm cheese to go with dinner.

They were gone way too fast.

A special bean for a boring Tuesday night.

I served them with coconut shrimp, which I still need to work on, but here is a look-see.

006 Happy Wednesday!

❤ Lilybeans


One Comment on “Simple Pleasure”

  1. Tes says:

    I love wandering in Farmer markets. There are a lot of fresh and healthy products for cooking. Coconut shrimp sounds delicious.

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