Experiment Wish Fish

I have been trying to eat more fish these days.  Obviously I want sustainable fish that is not raised in China or another country with lax food quality standards.

This seriously limits my choices.

I tried sardines and I hated them.  Way too fishy.  I love trout and I am getting to know salmon.

Last night was another getting to know you salmon dish.


I marinated in salmon is dijon mustard, dill, a little EVOO and S&P.

003 This was wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon.  I over cooked it a bit because I am new to the species and Sockeye has a really love fat content and dries out pretty fast.  I did really enjoy the flavor though.  Nick agreed about the dryness but liked the taste.004 On the side I had some roasted carrots and a “risotto” of sorts with long grain brown rice, mushroom and spinach.

This looks more like a meal for winter, but without an actual grill it is hard to cook “summer” meals 😦

What is your favorite salmon and recipe?

Happy Weekend!


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