Another dinner brought to you by FoodBuzz Taste Makers Program.

Buitoni sent me a coupon to try one their new Riserva pastas or sauces.  I opted for the Wild Mushroom Agnolotti.IMG_8144

The calories were pretty typical for ravioli, but I was a little confused about where all the fat came from.  High in protein though.


thought they would be great paired with some veggies and ummmm homemade pesto!!!!!



I used basil from my garden, lemon, parm, EVOO and S&P to make my simple pesto.

IMG_8146 So how did they taste? GREAT!  Every bite was full of actual mushroom and cheese flavor with a perfect balance.IMG_8149 That is one big mushroom piece!

I don’t really buy many fresh stuffed pastas, but if/when I do I will definitely keep these in mind.

Things I hope Buitoni might consider; figure out how to get rid of some of that saturated fat and maybe try and whole wheat line?

Overall I would have to say these are the best grocery store stuffed pasta I have ever eaten and Nick also gives it two thumbs up.

Check ya later!


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