Creative Eggs

Hello!  Sorry it has been so long.  I have been super busy and no pictures have come of it.

I thought I would post about a lovely Meatless Monday.

I was inspired by Ashley’s kale eggs for my dinner.  I always wonder if it still counts and meatless if there are eggs?

Anywho, her mess looked much better, but at least mine also tasted good!

IMG_8150 I tore up some spinach and kale and sautéed that in a pan with EVOO, S&P.  While this was cooking I broke up 2 eggs in a bowl with some S&P, parsley, oregano, thyme and rosemary (All from my garden).Then I added some peppers to the greens and next, the eggs, slowly.


Covered and cooking – I toasted a piece of Great Harvest 9 grain topped with some mushroom herb cheese.

Carrot fries were in the oven.IMG_8153 When the egg and kale “pancake” was done I topped my toast.

IMG_8154 Not as pretty and my whites didn’t seem to want to cook, but I got it done!

IMG_8155 Great meal with no meat included!


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