Garden Update

Time for a garden update!


I have a ton of these growing!  I am just waiting for them to turn orange, yellow and red…I am not a fan of green peppers.   All peppers start at green, did you know?

IMG_8159 Kale!  my kale is actually doing well.  It is a little slow growing but seems to be healthy and happy.IMG_8161 These are my yellow pear tomatoes.  I can’t wait to eat them!  I have two other tomato plants once of which has some tomatoes that are almost ready for picking.

IMG_8163 Eggplants.  These are probably the coolest ones to watch grow because of their colors and shapes.  Their flowers are also purple incase you were wondering.

And now we have some issue plants…IMG_8162 My zucchini.  I cannot get one to grow past about 3in except this one and ALL of the leaves are dying on me!  It was doing so well and seems to have lots of flowers, but none seem to come to fruit.


Cauliflower.  Yep, that is what this is supposed to be.  I am not really sure what happened.  It started out looking like normal cauliflower but then I forgot to water one day and it was all down hill from there.

Things I need to remember next year…

  • plants can get really big
  • don’t over do it
  • maybe try some mulch?
  • watch out for over crowding

Do you know what is up with my zuc and cauli?

I also have some serious white flies but that is another issue all together…


3 Comments on “Garden Update”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Lily Beans…you have lots more beautfiul plants than ones with issues…that is AWESOME for your first real year! I have jalapenos that have no seeds but are spicey! I think the flies are from the plants not getting enough air because of the space…but there has been so much wind, so that does not make sense. It takes time and love to develop a relationship with plants…look how many I have not been able to make happy in my garden! There is not telling, but when you find ones that work well, stick with them and buy the others at the Farmer’s Market! I have a really tall sunflower from the birdseed! Love, Moma Beans

  2. Mark SMith says:

    Hey ‘beans…
    Moma asked me to look at your zook photo/issue…like she said, all that other stuff looks great and you apparently come from green-thumb genes, so YAY! and YUM!… meanwhile… that zook… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a z plant go all white like that – makes me think of some Wilt or fungus, not sure what to do abt them, other than think abt the dirt you’re using (need larger-scale pictures for this diagnosis thing!), if you’re using containers try a fresh setup for the Z next yr… OTOH…the most common prob I’ve had w/ squashies is the old stem borers, they might produce this result, but you’d be bound to see them if you look around the base of the plant – little holes, eaten-up plant insides, orangey poop, etc… not to mention the borers themselves… if it IS them, Prevention is cute little paper sleeves (e.g. paper cup w/ bottom out) around the little plants to keep the critters OFF, possible Remedy is slitting the stem where they are and gettin ’em outta there and then burying that whole part of the stem so maybe more roots can grow – but once they’re really in there, might not be so much you can do but tear up and plant something else!!
    Happy gardenplay! Mark

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