My Ride

This morning I went for a lovely 18mile bike ride out in the country, which is only about 15min away from us.

The roads are lined with corn, horses and cows, and there isn’t a strip mall for miles.  It is lovely.

I brought my camera on my adventure today to show you some of the views I get to see.


Lots of little bridges to cross.IMG_8167 Fields of wild flowers.

IMG_8168 Four rail fences.



IMG_8170 Lots of Republicans…


their corn and their giant homes.IMG_8172 Shetland ponies…

IMG_8173 and their foals.

IMG_8174 Roadside wild flowers.

IMG_8175 IMG_8176 Interesting homes.


And my last view is over a big bridge that was built next to a historic one.

IMG_8179 Old.

IMG_8180 New (ugly).

IMG_8178 View.

I love this ride.  There are a bunch of different loops to keep things interesting, but every time I got out there I see new things.  Whether it is the crops growing or the animals in the fields.  It is beautiful.

Definitely worth the price of the bike.


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