Trying Something New

I tried out something new in my meal tonight.

IMG_8211 I had seen some others add coconut oil to dishes they preparing and I thought coconut flavored rice would be great with the curry I planned for dinner!

I added one tsp to my grains as they were cooking.

IMG_8214 Unfortunately I had high hopes for this but I couldn’t taste the coconut at all!  I don’t know if I didn’t add enough or if it was the grain blend I used, but I will try plain rice and a little more oil next time.  Thankfully coconut oil has many uses!

IMG_8213 Along with my rice I sautéed eggplant (first for my garden!) zucchini, tomatoes, onions and chickpeas in TJs curry sauce (nick had chicken).


All together now!

I love curry flavors!

I’ll keep you updated on my coconut oil adventures!


One Comment on “Trying Something New”

  1. I’ve had the same experience – added coconut oil in hopes of getting a great flavor, and then could barely taste it at all! 😦

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