New Feet

I have a new pair of shoes, and I also have a new exercise regimen.

First the shoes…

IMG_8217 I finally tracked down a pair of Vibram Five Fingers.  I had to order them from a company in Florida because none of the stores I went to had my size or any color I liked.  When I get things that are “different” I might as well go big and bold!

Anyway it seriously is like being barefoot.  I actually feel the ground around me and every rock I step on makes my foot touch the ground lighter.  I did a little running today on the NCR trail, but I took my time and only did about 3 jogs of 500ft.  I want to make sure I work my way into them as instructed.  It felt good.  Different.  You have to be aware of every step you get.

IMG_8218 My toes are having to deal with not being squished next to each other.  They are not happy about it.  My pinkie is the worst.  You can see my other toes curling towards my big toe.  This is something that regular shoes force your toes to do, bah.

As for exercise I have been doing hot vinyasa 2x a week and I love it.  It is really challenging and I love what it is doing for my arms!

Basically it comes down to this:

  • 2 days bike – ~12mile, ~18miles
  • 2 days yoga
  • 3 days running – 1 6mile, 2 ~3miles

So far I am enjoying this, and it is working for me!

I am hoping to do a 6k trail run in August, and maybe I will be able to wear my VFF!


5 Comments on “New Feet”

  1. Is the 6K trail run the River Valley Run, by any chance? I only ask because I know it’s around Baltimore – I’m hoping to run it but we might be out of town that weekend. We’ll see!

  2. lindsay says:

    ahh yeah those shoes are all the rage! i saw margaret wearing them to run the 10k back in april…youll have to let me know how you adjust and if you like them!!! sounds like agreat workout plan too!

  3. Moma Beans says:

    Lilybeans….I took my five fingers for their first walk at the beach on Saturday am..oh, the pinkies are definitely the hardest…but we have to hang in there..interestingly…my right foot, which is larger, was more comfortable than my left…only one person commented, and not to me, on my shoes! Becky says they are the best…so I am sticking with them..they feel good. Love, moma beans.

    P.s. I made a wonderful lentil salad…started with an old recipe…3X water to lentils…and only cook for 15 min after boil…so the lentils are close to al dente…and you drain the extra water out…lemon, a bit of cayenne, lots of cilantro, carrot, cucumber, salt and pepper…EVOO…I added the oil one hour before eating…yum! I would have added goat cheese, but I used what I had left for the figs and goat cheese appetizer.

  4. hAIOhnhndasodnPO!!!
    I LOVE MY VFFs!!! So much so, that I talked my boyfriend into buying a pair and he loves his almost as much as I love mine!!!
    The pink color of those are AWESOME! My man and I both sport the KSO model, mine in grey/green and his in all black.

    Keep reporting on your running in them! It’s something I have yet to do (besides some racing of children while on walks) and am looking into starting up once I’m done with my marathon!

    • lilybeans says:

      OMG my bf’s feet would be monsters! We were actually talking about how his giant feet would look so funny. I ran 3 miles in them today and it actually went great!

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