Barefoot Running – Run #1

So I hadn’t planned on setting out on my first barefoot running adventure today, but it was something about the rain that started as I walked in the door that set me off.

It is really hard to not run on pavement near my apartment.  I mostly ran on the green space between the road and the sidewalk.  It is amazing how you can feel the ground beneath you.  When I had to cross a street or jump on the sidewalk, it was like I sent my feet into shock and they didn’t like it at all.  On pavement I had to run on the balls of the feet, but when I was on the grass I just stepped naturally.


I ran about 3 miles no pain except some blisters that were forming because it was raining and my VFF were starting to rub (socks maybe?).  Other than the blisters I had no pain at all.  I could definitely feel my calves when I ran on the balls of my feet. 


I also had issues banging my knees together when the ground was uneven.  I am assuming this could be because my feet are not strong enough to support my changing terrain.

I was dirty after, but I was also super happy because I could run in them!  I will have to try them out on a real trail and see how they go.  I will also be interested in seeing how my legs feel tomorrow.


Wave Goodbye! 😉


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