Meatless Monday Returns!


I haven’t done a Meatless Monday post in awhile and I thought tonight was quite fitting.  Nick had softball so while he is away Heather will play 🙂

I used tempeh and mustard greens.  Two things he is not crazy about.


I started off by sautéing an onion (all of my garlic had gone bad:() then I added 1 small zucchini and patty pan to the pot.  Next I threw in some torn and washed mustard greens juice of 1/2 a lemon, plus some S&P, and nutmeg.

IMG_8228 In another small pan I browned some tempeh before adding a little pasta sauce.

And bam!  It was topped!


With a side of flax sunflower sourdough + real butter.IMG_8230 All together simple, easy and highly nutritious!IMG_8231

Ta Da!

Did you have a Meatless Monday?

My friend Katherine made tempeh tacos!  Good idea there!

I have something in the oven and I will present tomorrow if they turn out well.  I followed the recipe almost exactly so I am hoping they are delicious!  I can smell them from here!

Have a great night!


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