Ever wonder what 20lbs of peaches looks like?


I asked my peach guys (two typical farmer boys – seriously) if they ever sell their peaches wholesale.

Sure do!

$1.00/lb vs.$2.49/lb

I basically got a apple box full of peaches for $20.  To put it in perspective last week I got 6 count peaches for $9.00.

They also threw in a reusable bag from their farm.  Jackpot!

So what am I going to do with these peaches?

IMG_8233 Can them.  I realize this is going to take time and patience.  One if these things I have little of so this will be a test for me.  At least some of my peaches are a lot bigger than my grip.

IMG_8234 Come Sunday, I hope my peaches are ripe and I can get canning!

I am so excited to have peaches in winter that are not from a different country!

I’ll keep you updated!

Sorry no post about what I made last night…they didn’t come out right…I don’t think I cooked them long enough…again with the patience.

I’m working on it.


One Comment on “Peaches!”

  1. moma beans says:

    sooo happy that you were able to work out a fantastic price with the farmer on your peaches! he must have been happy too! i am looking forwart to hearing of your success! love, moma beans

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