I now have a great respect for anyone charging an arm and a leg for canned peaches or jams.  That was really hard work!

To start off I got the Ball starter kit, 1/2 pint jars and then I went back for the canning kit and some pectin.

I followed these directions.

Wash jars in dishwasher.

First I had to clean and peel the peaches.

IMG_8250 Boil peaches 45sec dump in ice bath, peel by hand.

IMG_8249 Slice peaches and coat with lemon juice.

Stuffed the peaches into jars and let them rip.

IMG_8251 Problem here…the jars are supposed to be covered but I didn’t have a bigger pot.  I have heard and at least one pop so that is a good sign.

Boil for 20min.


No sugar added peach jam.  I threw a little cinnamon and basil is a few of them just to try something different.

IMG_8253 I still a lot of peaches left…I am thinking of baking something and freezing some, but I do not have the energy to go get more jars and start this all over again.  At least I know how to can things now!

These better be the best peaches ever!


3 Comments on “Peaches”

  1. botheboo says:

    looks like you did a great job canning!!! 🙂

  2. Moma Beans says:

    Lilybeans…the peaches look great! Good for you to stick with it…hard to believe we did not get enough jars…sure you don’t want to have to go to Walmart again! Maybe take a bowl of fresh peaches to the office to share as an option too. Love, Moma Beans.

  3. DiFi says:

    This is amazing!! I’m going to need you to send me up a jar. 🙂

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