Weekend, Was It Really Only Two Days?



Mini Golf!  I finally beat Nick at something!  By 7 strokes I might add!

IMG_8242 I am a pro.  Nick is one of the most competitive people I know, so when I can beat him at something I just smile.  He maybe competitive, but he is not a sore loser (at least with me).


I had to get to bed early because Saturday was going to be a crazy bike adventure!


I headed down to meet with my friend Jen in DC.  We had planned to bike to Mount Vernon and back along a bike/walking trail that follows the Potomac River.


Hi Jen!

IMG_8246 It was about 20miles out, but we made it!IMG_8248 We didn’t go inside because it was $15 and there weren’t any really good places to lock up our bikes.  We sat under a trellis and ate our back PB&Js.

I only fell off once!  I have issues saying up on my bike.  Considering how many people were on the trail and that we rode through parts of the city I think once is pretty good. (It was almost at a stop mom, nothing crazy)

IMG_8247 Anywho, it was fun and 40miles is my new PR!  It took us probably 3.5 hours of actually peddle time.

It was great to see Jen and Meredith (who took the pics!) we went out for Greek, self serve fro-yo, of and some gelato!  We had to make up for the 40miles!

Sunday needs its own post…coming right up, peaches 🙂


2 Comments on “Weekend, Was It Really Only Two Days?”

  1. rugge says:

    Jealous of your bike ride! You two certainly look the part!

  2. Moma Beans says:

    Lilybeans…fun picks of you and Jen…glad to hear that your fall was not dramatic…and so happy you are wearing a helmet. That is surprising that there isn’t some place for bikes at Mount Vernon. You must have been exhausted for the drive back to Baltimore. Love, Moma Beans

    p.s. your hair cut looks great!

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