3 Parts

Are you watching “One Nation Overweight”?

It is a CNBC special on the obesity epidemic in America and it is really interesting!  1/3 children is obese or overweight, crazy.

I’m sure you can catch it online if you missed it!

Now let me get back to the reason for posting tonight, my three course 15min dinner.


These things are all on really small plates, don’t be fooled!

First plate.


Farmers market and my garden on a plate.  Purple Cherokee heirloom tomato with zucchini, basil and S&P.


IMG_8256 Frittata – 2 Farm eggs, S&P, splash of water, zucchini, tomato, tomatillo, basil and parm cheese.  This was the best “frittata” I have made.  I think it might be because I used water instead of milk.  I say frittata in quotes because I don’t actually put it in the oven like a normal frittata, I just put the top on my pan so it cooks throughout.


IMG_8257 Sweet potato fry genius!  I peeled the potato for nice crispy skins and then I used my mandolin to make thin rounds for crispy chips!  The skin is crisp and earthy and the chips and sweet and crunchy.  I will be doing this again!IMG_8258 Awesome three course meal!

Off to watch more about the epidemic.  It seriously fascinates me!


One Comment on “3 Parts”

  1. Looks like a great meal, from start to finish! 🙂

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