Monday on Tuesday

I meant to post this yesterday, but things came up and I had to push my Meatless Monday post until today!

Yesterday I decided to run a 10k in my Vibrams to see if I could sport them in my trail race this weekend.


I filled up my Camelbak and hit the trail.

It was hot, but I could not stand the sound of the water sloshing on my back.  It made my run so much less peaceful, and I was not happy.

It was still nice to have the water on my run.IMG_0002

The 6miles went well except my calves got really tight around the end.  Obviously my calves have never had to work like this before and they were in shock!

I made it through, but I don’t think I will be wearing them on Saturday, boo.

Either way it was a successful run.IMG_0003 Vibram high-five!  Run well done!

Now onto Meatless Monday Meal!

Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese?  Well with all the cheese and butter involved they are not always a healthy choice.

I wanted to make healthy grilled cheeses for dinner!

IMG_0006 I used a stronger cheese so that I could use less on the sandwich (Asiago) then I loaded it with veggies – tomato, spinach and Portobello, all on 12 seed sourdough.

I also made huge salads with mixed greens, cucumber, pepper from my garden, and tomato.IMG_0007 Frise in your face!

All together!


This was so good Nick requested for dinner tonight.  I think we have a winner here, and it only took about 10min to make!


One Comment on “Monday on Tuesday”

  1. moma beans says:

    healthy grilled cheese. what a good idea! i will have to try this some time! love< moma beans

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