So Close!

This morning I ran my first trail 10k.  Well actually it was my first trail race EVER.

I drove about 40min away to a ranch is northern Maryland.


That is the finish line being set up.  Yeah, there were hills too.  I was excited, this was something different and I was doing it alone.  I had wanted to run in my vibrams, but I was worried about my calves.  I am glad I didn’t wear them because there was a small road portion and lots of large gravel.IMG_0020 There were bison, but I didn’t see them, they were on the 5k track.  I did hear them!  They were crazy loud.

So trail running, definitely practice your hills.  I think the hills are where I passed most people.  I don’t walk during races unless I am about to die, which so far has been never.  The thought that kept going through my head was, “where would my horse step?”  I used to ride on a lot of trails, and I know that footing for a horse is key.  Sometimes you need to go down a hill sideways.  There were people falling all over the place going down hill, and I had good luck shuffling down the steep ones.  There was a point of the trail where you could run through the water or go over a bridge.  I had debated over this issue for a long time, but when it came down to it I had 1.5 miles left and I wasn’t running it in soggy shoes.  I crossed the bridge (got a nice photo I think) and was able to sprint in front of the runners that were in my pack with their wet shoes.  The last mile I was hauling and it was really hard for me to do the final sprint.  I usually am flying fro the last .2 miles, but today I just tried to keep a fast pace.

Soooo how did I do?

55/362 overall

6th woman

4/48 in my division – 16sec away from placing, grrrrrr.

8:29 pace

52:41 chip time

I think I did pretty well for my first trail race!


My only other 10k was 49:?? so considering this was a trail and had serious hillage, I am proud of myself.  Only problem is, I want to place now!  I think a perfect run for me would be a hilly road race.  I am not a very fast pacer, but I dominate hills thanks to where I train.  Woohoo!  Where can I sign up?

The only other race I have so far is the Baltimore Running Festival Relay.  I will be running some hills there, but I want to get faster.  I guess I need to get some speed work in.

Best moment of the race? – Passing a guy who was talking about how he has been training at Oregon Ridge for the race (hilly State Park).  Quality not quantity dude.  I hadn’t run since Monday.

Nick had a great morning too.  His flag football team won their 3rd championship and I was able to make the game after my race.

IMG_0024 Good day!

Now I think I need a nap.


2 Comments on “So Close!”

  1. Lindsay says:

    heather! congrats!!!! thats awesome! you will definitely place soon in a race! way to go!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You rock! I wanted to do this race but we had other plans that I was unable to get out of. 😦

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