Toasty Tomatoes


Tonight I tried something new for dinner inspired by Emily

I have always loved the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, but the idea of actually frying tomatoes dipped in cornmeal really didn’t excite me.  I love how sweet tomatoes get when they are roasted but the grease was a big turn off.

Enter oven friend tomatoes.

IMG_0034 Easiest recipe ever!

See the link above or just..

  • Slice tomatoes
  • Lay on paper towel
  • Mix cornmeal with S&P and chili powder
  • pour out small bowl of milk
  • Dunk maters in milk then corn meal mix
  • Place on greased cookie sheet
  • bake 20min, flip
  • bake 20min more
  • Enjoy!

Crispy corn coating with warm sweet tomatoes in the middle.  I will be making these again!

Along with my tomatoes I had a lovely mixed of chickpeas, mushrooms and leeks

IMG_0035 and olive bread with homemade EVOO blend with S&P, oregano and red pepper flakes.


Good Deal!


Good wholesome ingredients making a perfect meal.

Running update:  I had some serious foot pain after my race, but it is getting better and I hope to get in a run on Friday and yoga tomorrow.


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