Soup’s On!

When life gives you sickness, make soup.

IMG_0128 I have been feeling under the weather lately (my glands are the size of golf balls) so instead of the beef burgers I had planned, I went with semi-homemade soup.

I bought the Bob’s Red Mill mix awhile ago and finally pulled it out and made half the bag.  Note:  I have not met a BRM product I do not love!


I started off sautéing an onion in some EVOO then added three chopped carrots,1 clove garlic, 6 cups of water, 2 cups of veggie broth, 2 cups of soup mix, a whole bunch of fresh herbs from the garden, salt, pepper, cayenne and ginger.

One hour later…

IMG_0123 I also baked up some eggplant chips to go along with and a GREEN salad.

IMG_0125 garlic powder, S&P


Green heirlooms, avocado and basil.

IMG_0127 Number 8!  That is me!

Just what the doctor ordered!

Now I have about 6 more cups of soup to eat :)  At least it freezes well!

Off to the movies with the boy!


One Comment on “Soup’s On!”

  1. moma beans says:

    Ache 8, boo on not feeling well…soup et all looks yummy and should make you feel better, love u mb

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