My Bike Prep

Hello, I am here!  It’s been busy around these parts with the holiday weekend and figuring out some life issues.

Today I finally was able to get back on my bike!  I don’t think I had been for a ride since Jen and I took our crazy 40mile ride to Mount Vernon about a month ago!  Lets just say my legs could totally feel the climbs!

So, in honor of getting back in the bike I thought I would go through a few things I do to make sure I have a good safe ride (these do not prevent you from getting stunk in your toe clips however – I did loosen them today!)

First – always remember helmet and eye protection!


You don’t want a cracked skull and a bug in the eye could lead to this!  You never know when a bee will be flying by.

Second – make sure you have hydration for your ride.


Cage and H2O bottle, you don’t need the most expensive ones unless you are riding the Tour de France, the lowest end ones work just fine!

Third – Gear bag essentials – make sure you have at least something you could use if you “break down”IMG_0133

I always carry and extra tube, my multi-purpose tool, 1 goo pack for emergency calories, my car key and my cell phone.  I also have a portable pump attacked to my bike for flats.

Fourth and most importantly – breaks and gear shiftersIMG_0134 I always make sure my breaks are working correctly and my gear shifters are set.


Also make sure you tire can rotate freely without rubbing against your break pads.  My front wheel tends to get stuck when I transport it, so making sure it can move freely before I even get going is really important.  If I didn’t do this I would be working against extra resistance and wear down one of my break pads.

Now you are ready for a great ride!


Garmy went out with me today and I found out that I had been going 14.73 miles when map my run told me I was going 12.5…good thing to know.  Thanks MB!


One Comment on “My Bike Prep”

  1. Lindsay says:

    love the garmin!! whenever i try to get a pic of mine i get a reflection…help! and great bike advice too!!

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