Harpers Ferry

Welcome to West Virginia!

Nick and I are taking a weekend to Harpers Ferry WV, which is actually only a little over an hour from B-more.

We crossed over the Potomac around 6:15pm…


and then we were there.

IMG_0149 We are staying at a B&B in town which has an awesome view of the river and trains.


Our room is quaint and the floor boards creek at night.IMG_0150 There are lots of books that Nick wants to read.IMG_0151 Last night we ventured into town to find a place that was open for food.  This town seems to slow down after labor day.

IMG_0153 We found a little Mexican place that boasted local food.

IMG_0154 Guac and chips (mine is better)

IMG_0155 Veggie taco and homemade salsa.

After dinner we walked around the small town before heading back to the deck at our place and playing with the cat Harper.  He is really friendly and took up a roost on Nick’s lap.

This morning we came down for breakfast on the deck.IMG_0156

Local, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, spinach…Florida orange.  I wanted some toast, but you get what you are served here.  I will be hungry in an hour!

After breakfast Nick and I went for a little hike.

Thanks to a book in our room we were able to find the Appalachian Trail and Jefferson Rock.IMG_0159

IMG_0157 Jefferson Rock is where Thomas Jefferson is known to have stood when he visited the town.IMG_0158 We are heading out to go white water tubing!  I hope it isn’t too chilly!  Where did Fall come from???  It is supposed to be 80 so we should be fine.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


2 Comments on “Harpers Ferry”

  1. moma beans says:

    your guac is better than anyones! we are spoiled.

    Good for you for venturing to a new place! Harper’s Ferry…I know the name…it is famous…but I will have to click on link…I cannot remember why. It got beautifully warm in Western Mass yesterday, so I hope it warmed up down south too.

    p.s. the leaves were starting to turn a bit in the hills of Massachusetts! love, moma beans

  2. Simply Life says:

    Looks like a fun trip!

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