Wild and Wonderful

So where did I leave off?

Tubing!  Sorry no pictures because of the water, but it was fun!  We had to paddle with our hands more than I thought we would because we had to stay to the left the whole time, chaffing would have been bad without a long sleeved shirt.

I did get a picture of Harper!

IMG_0162 He is deffinatly a WV cat!

When we got back from tubing, we were starving!  We decided to get an early dinner and then walk around more of the historical area.

I had a local dish, West Virginia trout pan fried trout with pecan butter.


It was not healthy , but it was delicious and I had to have some local fare!

After dinner we got some soft serve and headed to the ruins.

IMG_0171IMG_0165 Hello Boy!

IMG_0164IMG_0166 Nick, sitting on an old mill that used the Shenandoah River as a power source.

IMG_0168 Canada Geese not on a golf course!  It was so weird to see them actually in there natural environment.

IMG_0169 Bridge to Virginias Island.

IMG_0170 I wish the weekend didn’t have to come to an end.

Now I am back in Baltimore and Nick is venturing up to my Mom’s to start his new job in the big NYC.  Oh yeah Nick will only be in B-more on the weekend and working in New York during the week.  It is going to be hard, but at least I have Sissy and only 5 days between visits.  It will be a good this for us in the long run.

Big things are happening!


2 Comments on “Wild and Wonderful”

  1. Simply Life says:

    Looks like such a great time with beautiful scenery!

  2. Lindsay says:

    gorgeous photos! good luck in nyc nick!

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