Local vs. Organic

Local vs. Organic seems to be a very hot topic right now.

local foods


I know that when I walk into the grocery store (I shop at Whole Foods and don’t feel bad about it.  I never spend more than $100 a week for two people) I am faced with the issue of local food or organic.  More often than not the local produce is not organic and the organic food are from California or South America.  What is a girl to do???

This is my take: Organic food from all over the world uses a ton of resources getting to your plate.  Local foods can have pesticides and can have a high amount of fertilizers in their soils.

organic Source

When it comes to the farmers market, I eat everything.  The only fruit vender at the market is not organic, but I can see who is growing the food and I can talk to them about their practices.  When it comes to greens and other veggies I tend to go to the organic vendors because the price is either the same or maybe a quarter more than the conventional.  The meat vendor is also not certified organic but I TALK to the famers and they do not use hormones, preservatives or antibiotics on their cow.  The reason they are not organic is to save the consumer $$$ on their products.  I got their ground sirloin for $4.25/lb.  For me that is 4 burgers, which I think it is good deal.

When I deal with the grocery store I try and buy the dirty dozen organic and all other items conventional.  This being said, if there are peaches that are organic at Whole Foods but they are from California, and conventional peaches at the farmers market, I am going with the market ones. 

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A good ways to save money whether you are buying for organic or local is to buy IN SEASON.  Strawberries are no longer in season people.  It is pear and apple season.  How many varieties can you try this fall?  I am on apple variety number 4 and I am planning on going apple picking in a few weeks (yet another cost saving practice).

It all comes down to a judgment call.

How do you decide?


5 Comments on “Local vs. Organic”

  1. I also prefer local, it just feels more… right.
    Don’t get me wrong, I would die without (non-organic mind you) bananas, but there’s something about biting into a ripe strawberry, apple, potato, whatever, that’s right from your neighbourhood that is so much more satisfying – pesticides or not.

  2. Rugge says:

    I stress out! Ha there’s no good farmers markets near me and things at the store seem to be considered ‘local’ if they are from Australia. There’s never any tags that say what state in Australia they come from. I just try to shop at the smaller veggie market more than the supermarket. Sounds like you have a good farmers market, jealous!
    Are you going to do anymore canning/preserving before the end of the season? I heard about some good canning books on that Splendid Table podcast you might be interested in.

  3. I pretty much go by the same philosophy as you. I stick to the farmer’s market as much as possible, and don’t worry too much if it’s not certified organic because I just chat about it with the actual farmers. At the grocery store I focus on buying organic for the dirty dozen.

  4. Kristy says:

    Interesting topic! Now that I am tolerating eating veggies and fruit I can clearly taste the different!

  5. Coco says:

    hey! thanks for finding my blog and for commenting with such honesty. that’s exactly why i posted with such candor–i wanted to get people’s true opinions! i will most definitely heed your advice…and probably start reading your blog! 🙂

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