Amazing Toast

3.41 miles, negative splits, done!

I tackled a few hills today, which were major because I hadn’t run hills in over a month.  I thought about how important running is to me.  It is the only thing challenges me and gives me power the second I step out my door.  The runners high that you get cannot be described it can only be felt.  Biking and swimming are fun but they are not the same.  I am honored that I can run because I know how quickly it can be taken away from me.

After my run I had planned a basic tofu, broccoli and rice dish but when I saw Jenna’s appetizer from her date night I had to recreate!

IMG_0222 Toast with ricotta cheese, honey and chopped almonds.

Wow!  This combination was amazing!  I love this cheese with honey and a crunch of almond.  Try it!

Along with my toast I had a huge salad.IMG_0221 Greens, yellow squash, purple pepper, tomatoes.

IMG_0218 One more shot of the toast…

IMG_0220 Glee time!

Britney on Glee was dancer for Britney Spears, did you know???  That is how she was discovered in the first place!


2 Comments on “Amazing Toast”

  1. moma beans says:

    good to hear you are running again. I enjoyed my 5-K walkby the Sound last night as the storm blew away and patches of blue appeared before sunset time. Almonds and honey are a great match up. another amazing salad with an HD photo…I can almost reach out and graba bite! love,moma

  2. […] in to tell you about a delicious dinner treat I had tonight!  Last fall I had kind of an obsession with ricotta chese, honey, almonds on toast.  Funny enough in that post I talked about how […]

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