Nick is coming!  Nick is coming!  2 hours until he gets here, late.  In honor of him I am paying homage to his old favorite destination.

Taco Bell.

When I say MamaPea post a TB recipe I knew I had to de-veganize it (Sorry!) and let him enjoy.

I even made my beans from scratch!

IMG_0229 In my grande bean burrito I had – MamaPea sauce, happy cow meat aka ground beef from the Farmer’s Market, “refried” beans, cheddar cheese and avocado.  I had one with meat and one without.




No Beefy!

Soooooo good.


I must say I got these tortillas from TJs and they are the low carb kind and delicious.  I hate tortillas where I can only eat one because they are 160cal+.

Along with my burritos I had a pumpkin beer!

I saw Kath (the pumpkin beer expert) rave about these so when I saw them I had to get a six pack.


Good thing I am a light weight, because these were the most expensive pumpkin in the joint!

Now time to wait…gruff.


One Comment on “Ole!”

  1. Kristy says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the whole Pumpkin Ale thing!

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