Random but Delicious

What have you been eating lately????

Back to posting a day of foods…well not really, just a few standouts from the past few days.

Lets start with breakfast

IMG_0234 I typically eat some form of oats in the morning, especially because it is getting so cold!

This is steel cup oaks with 1 small apple deiced, small amount of pumpkin butter, cinnamon, 1 scoop hemp protein, vanilla and a dollop of homemade almond butter.


Lunch, it was pretty amazing!IMG_0238

Leftover tortillas, leftover homemade refried beans, avocado, salsa and a drippy egg.



I love dippy eggs!

Ding!  Dinner time!

IMG_0246 I had some leftover meat from my Taco Bell experience so I made 6 meatballs out of about 1/4lb of beef.

In the balls:

  • 1/4 lb beef
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup oat bran – I did not have breadcrumbs
  • bunch of fresh parsley
  • S&P
  • Worcestershire sauce

On top of Seeduction bread from Whole Food, spread with tomato paste and grated parm.

IMG_0245 Worcestershire sauce is the key ingredient.

Between lunch and dinner I have been having a snack to fuel me through my workout.

I have been swimming a lot, but my head really starts to hurt after about 1000m.  What is that about???  I know it is my sinuses, but I don’t know why it gets so bad when I am swimming?

I get to see Nick and my Mom on Thursday!  Yay for 4 day work weeks!


I can’t wait!

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