Chocolate Delivery

Yesterday was a great day!

I finished 5 miles no sweat and no foot pain!  Good thing because the Baltimore Running festival is in 10 days!  I am so excited for Lindsay to get here with David!

After my run I made up a nice little vegetarian plate featuring a lovely acorn squash!

IMG_0249 I baked this with COCONUT oil and s&p so delicious!  I actually could taste the coconut unlike the last time I cooked with it.  I will definitely be roasted for squash with it.

Along with my squash I made some interesting quinoa.IMG_0248

  • 1 serving of quinoa
  • 1/4 cup part skim ricotta
  • large handful spinach
  • S&P
  • garlic powder
  • handful of parsley

This was creamy and delicious!  I love ricotta cheese!

IMG_0247 Simple and easy.  That is how I roll.

I didn’t go to the Farmer’s Market this week because I will be gone this weekend so no more squash 😦 sad.

Something to turn my frown upside down?

I received a package from FoodBuzz and Ghiradelli!  As part of the tastemakers program I was sent some samples of their new Luxe Milk line.

IMG_0251 We were asked to select our few so obviously I had to try all 3, right?  Yep!  And I loved the hazelnut the best.  It reminded me of Baci chocolates.

Time to pack up for the day…lots to do before I leave tomorrow for CT!

Happy Wednesday!


3 Comments on “Chocolate Delivery”

  1. Glad to read you could really taste the coconut. Too often I roast my veggies with something and I feel like I can’t taste it at all!

    • Heather says:

      I remember you saying that before! I think I used about a tablespoon and rubbed it in instead of just coating. It was also solid due to the cold weather. Not sure if either of those make a difference in taste/concentration of flavor, but maybe!

  2. moma beans says:

    Please show me how you the squash this weekend! we will beable to get plenty at the Farmer’s Market here on Saturday. i canot wait to see you and hug you. Happy to hear about your run! love, moma beans

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