Food Equality

After work tonight I headed to the gym for a swim.  It went great I did a little over a mile plus some leg strengthening.  I was feeling good until I realized I need to pick some more oats up and the closest option was KMart.



I am not trying to bash the big box store even if I did support them I would still have a problem with the quality of food I found inside.

The rows were lined with totally processed food.  I needed oats?  All they had were quick cooking.  My usual grocery store at least has the option of rolled, and the other cereals scared me.

I know that the products vary from store to store based on purchases, but that is what scared me.  This store is not in the best area and is home to many low income families.  One of the biggest issues with obesity in American is seen in the working class of the United States.  It isn’t fair.  Food equality and equity is a huge issue facing America.  We blame people for being obese when all we provide is chips and soda.  When I drive to work I go through one of the worst areas of Baltimore and see children eating potato chips for breakfast.  The worst part about this issue is that when you can find things like bread and milk in a food desert it is more expensive in the burbs.

Do you see this issue where you live?  Do you know of any programs that are working to change?

I worked with Real Food Baltimore at an inner city high school.


One Comment on “Food Equality”

  1. I also live in Baltimore, and I see this all the time. I’m not familiar with Real Food Baltimore, though…can you share more sometime?

    A friend of mine in grad school at Towson did a project to bring more community gardens to low-income neighborhoods in the city. There definitely needs to be more of that kind of thing going on.

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