Birthday weekend well done!

IMG_0259 Starting from last night…

The room was set with steamers and balloons.IMG_0257 IMG_0258

My attempt at making lupines out of balloons.  Pretty good, no?


Menus were printed.


Flowers were amazing!

IMG_0262 Favors were assembled (Homemade maple, almond blueberry granola).

Then it was party time!

IMG_0265 My mom’s friends are huge winos, but Nick and I just picked the ones that tasted best to us.  I know nothing about mushroom and leather flavors???



My mom looks great for 60 – on the right.




Homemade cream puffs!

IMG_0270 IMG_0273 There was dancing.

IMG_0275 And presents.


Plus lots of champagne!

Overall I think my mom had a blast with a bunch of good friends.IMG_0272 Not the best picture of us, but the only one.

IMG_0277 Nick was even there!



After walking up a bit later today we had a plan to head out to Kent for the day.  The weather has been amazing and the leaves are just about to peak!


This was my favorite tree to watch change during the soccer season.


The old pitch.  Pretty nice landscape to play against.

We did the usual round about town and visited the many fall decorations and some of the more permanent art.IMG_0286



Gourds and cheese wheel pumpkins and the Kent Garden CenterIMG_0287

This screams fall!


For lunch we attempted to climb to numeral rock, but only made it about half way before calling it quits.IMG_0280 It was pretty steep.

IMG_0279 Last stop on the tour was a send off for Andy on his plane.

IMG_0290 The sky was amazingly blue today.  Not a cloud out there.

IMG_0289 I told him I would go up at some point but small planes can make me feel sick.  I think Nick would hyperventilate just getting near a plane like this.

IMG_0291 There was also a small helo doing practice maneuvers while were were on the tarmac.

IMG_0292 And then he was off!

A perfect send off to a busy birthday weekend.

Nick, my mom and I spent the evening grilling and just relaxing with a movie.  Now it is time to get some sleep!


5 Comments on “P-A-R-T-Y”

  1. Lindsay says:

    does your mom’s shirt say “c’est bon”??!?!?!

  2. Kristy says:

    Your pictures are so cute & fun! Looks like youve been busy!

  3. Dean Gamanos says:

    Heather, the party for your mom certainly was ” a night to rem-
    ember”. Your balloons, decor, and granola favors definitely helped make it so special (as well as your themeline “you make
    the world more beautiful” which your mom personifies.

    The photos were fabulous!

  4. Dean Gamanos says:

    hope my comments got thru.

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