Sissy Goes to The Vet

Sissy had her annual vet check up today and all went well until they got to the subject of her weight…I even had to get her a bigger carrying case…

IMG_0301 She weights about 3 lbs more than she did last time.  No biggie for a human, but for a cat that is a lot of weight.  There is a big sign on the vet exam table that say “A little added weight equals a huge problem.”IMG_0298 How did I let my baby get obese.  Unlike humans she does not have a choice over her food and does not stop when she is full.  It is actually really interesting to see the correlation between animal obesity and human weight gain.  We are both on the up.  Most likely because most cats are now indoor and sleep a lot while there are more treat brands on the market than ice cream.  Does a Cheetah need a treat that is made of nasty by-product and in the shape of a little fish? No.  So neither does my pants.

IMG_0300 The plan is to reduce her food intake.  She only gets 1/2 cup a day (soooo little) but the vet said to cut it back in the evening.  It is tricky because we can’t just switch her to diet food, plus lite foods don’t really jive with me.  I want her to be healthy and we shall do it safely.  She is still the playful loving kitty she was the day I brought her home and I only want the best for her!

While Sissy ate her kibble, all I wanted was a hot bowl of soup because of this nasty weather we are having.IMG_0302 Annie’s veggie minestrone soup – really good!  Toast with cheese and the other with more cheese of the ricotta kind, honey and almonds.  This stuff is so delicious!

Time to watch a really hard ED special on E!  People scare me.


2 Comments on “Sissy Goes to The Vet”

  1. Poor fat cat 😦 Have you ever experimented with making her food?

  2. Moma Beans says:

    Remember when you called Nala fat cat?! and now look at her…I wish she would gain some weight. I hiope Sissy does not wake you up even earlier in the a.m. when you are giving her food…maybe she sleeps more after her breakfast than dinner – since you are around more after that meal, and you could feed her the smaller portion at night.

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