12 and 31

Today was race day!  The Baltimore Marathon Relay that is.

IMG_0303 The Marathon was a huge even this year because it is the 10th anniversary of the running!  There were 90 some odd people that have run it all 10 years!  I think that is crazy!

To start off the flag for the national anthem was hang glided in!




The Governor gave a little speech…he is up for reelection so he better be there!



In the Ravens jacket, not the old man in the glasses.IMG_0304 Group shot before Lindsay was off to the buses and Phil headed to the start line!

IMG_0308 Then they were off!

David, Lindsay’s LOML, and I walked over to our handoff point and watched the elite runners go by.

IMG_0309 I don’t think either of these guys in the lead at the 1/2 way point won the race, but they were booking it!

Then we saw Lindsay speed by!


It was a little chilly at the start, but the sun was out and warming the place up by the time my leg started.

Poor David had to take pictures with two cameras in two seconds.

IMG_0311 Pretend this is Lindsay passing me the time chip!  Use your imagination!

I completed my portion in 47:40 on my Garmin and 48:07 something on the clocks, but they were weird because I never crossed a time pad but Lindsay did and the Chris after me did about 100ft after the handoff.  Either way I beat my 10k time by 2 min!

Our official time was 3:16:56 12/521 in our mixed division, 31 overall!  Pretty good considering I have had more fingers than run in the past 2 months.  We honestly have no expectations for the race, but we all wanted to run!


I was so happy that Lindsay and David were able to come up for the event.  It really made the day special!  Great job team!



2 Comments on “12 and 31”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Love bug, congrats and a smile! Great placement for team – out of over 850 teams (i am allowed to brag), beating your 10k time, running the famed, dreaded hills of the Baltimore marathon, and best of all being part of a team of friends, including the LOYL!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Ahh it was so fun 🙂

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