Monday, Monday

Oh Monday, why couldn’t it be Sunday?

IMG_0314 Sissy was ready for the Ravens game yesterday, too bad they lost!  Booo Bieber Brady.

Sunday also means Nick leaves and it is time to get ready for another week.

I had an appointment with the Honda dealer after work tonight and I didn’t get home until 7!  I needed to shower and eat ASAP!

I had gotten some beets at the farmers market last week and it was finally time to eat them!


Started off with spinach on the bottom.

IMG_0318 Quinoa cooked in veggie broth.

IMG_0317 Golden beets with balsamic.

IMG_0319 Sprinkle of ricotta and fresh cracked pepper.

Delicious combo of protein, veg, fats and grain.

I’m getting my hair did tomorrow after the farmers market.  Any suggestions?  I am thinking about growing out my bangs a bit and parting my hair further over.

What is your favorite way to eat beets??  I like the golden ones better because they don’t dye every single thing they touch!


3 Comments on “Monday, Monday”

  1. First, your couch looks so comfortable!!! It want to come over and curl up. Does that sound creepy?

    Second, I LOVE the way beets dye all my food deep purpley red, haha.

    Last, this post inspired me to add some quinoa into my meal when I whip up my roasted beets this week.

  2. Lindsay says:

    ahh hair change?! maybe some layers around the face? im always weary of anything too drastic…but layering is always flattering! ps. why am i addicted to watching plus size women buy their wedding gowns?!

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