Workout Plan

Do you like the new cut?

IMG_0325 It is a little short, but I like the park and the bang pull.  It will grow.  She took about 2.5 inches off, at least the roots are gone.

On another note, I took some time today to reevaluate my fitness plan.


After the relay my foot was sore.  It doesn’t hurt today, but I know that means it is not fully healed.  I have no races coming up and I think I am going to wait until Spring to sign up for another one.  I do not need pressure to get back in it!IMG_0304 I can’t really get out on my bike unless it is the weekend due to the days being so short, but it is going to be so cold!

IMG_8247 Even if I could run, running on a treadmill hurts my IT band so that would be out.

So what is the plan????

I still have 7 classes left of my hot yoga pass (I had to stop because of my foot, balancing did not work well) so I need to use that before the end of November.

I also want to do more swimming.  I am so thankful I joined a gym with a pool, I’m not really sure what I would do without it.IMG_0122 At some point I could liked to get in some winter runs.  I think they would be a fun challenge.  Obviously if there is snow or dangerous conditions I wouldn’t run but there is just something about a cold sunny winter morning.

I am not going to run for at least another month so I will basically be rotating from the bike (outdoor and indoor) swimming and yoga.  Once my yoga pass runs out I will most likely be doing yoga for athletes from home.  I just cannot afford hot yoga right now.

I will miss running, but I know it will be better for me in the long run.

Any good races in the Spring I should do???  I am thinking about a Virginia Beach trip!



4 Comments on “Workout Plan”

  1. LOVE the haircut! ADORABLE!

    I’m certain you’ll miss running, but it really does sound like you’re making the best decision about your fitness routine!

  2. Coco says:

    your hair is adorable!!!!

    p.s. the ravens game was INTENSE on sunday, so sad they lost. hopefully they will beat buffalo this week.

  3. rugge says:

    Love the hair!!!!

  4. Lindsay says:

    j’aime bien la coupe de cheveux!!!

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