Weekend Doings

It has been an eventful weekend!

Saturday I was up early to work the BARCS event 7-11.

IMG_0334 The weather was awesome, and I really hope that BARCS raised a ton of money.  I baked some pumpkin scones to sell at the bake sale and they came out great!  I saw someone eating one and he said it was good!


IMG_0339 I checked on the kitties in the cat tent.IMG_0340

IMG_0341 IMG_0343

Mom, these are your black kittens.


Then I went to visit some puppies.

IMG_0336 $600? $700??? Nope, these puppies are up for adoption!IMG_0337 Why would anyone go to a pet store that supports puppy mills???? There were so many rescues at the event for all types of breeds.  Even such breeds as Pug and Lab have rescue centers that everyone should look into first!

IMG_0335 Visit your local shelter today!

Enough of that…on a lighter note, after animals Nick and I went apple picking!



IMG_0350 IMG_0358

IMG_0351 IMG_0352

We picked Nittany and Cameo.  The Nittany are tart and crunchy which I prefer and Nick got Cameos that are a bit more sweet and crunchy. 


I also got to seem some of those cool fall gourds growing on their vines.


IMG_0355 IMG_0357

I always thought these dainty gourds were grown with protection, but obviously not.

Time to finish up the Raven’s game and drive Nick to the bus stop 😦


One Comment on “Weekend Doings”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Heather, thanks for letting me see my kittens…I can see a bit of white bib on one of them…like Nala. Don’t worry…I will adopt black cats when the time comes. Love, Moma Beans

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