Election Day Eats!

Did you vote today???!!?  It is a big one around here and because I work for the State we got the whole day off!

I really enjoyed sleeping in today!  I actually didn’t eat breakfast in the dark for once!


I had a smaller breakfast because I was headed off to yoga this morning after relaxing and watching the morning NATIONAL news instead of only the local.


I toasted up two pieces of WF Harvest bread aka the best bread they make, smeared it with maple almond butter and topped it with banana POM arils and buckwheat.IMG_0391

Oh natural light how I love you.

After a lovely stretch session with Rory we went on a secret mission before getting back to lunch!IMG_0394

More Harvest bread toasted with apple slices, Cotswold cheese and a beer and mustard seed cheese I picked up at WF.IMG_0395

I also had a pumpkin green monster! Giant handful of spinach, pumpkin, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, 1/2 banana and almond milk.IMG_0397

I miss the POM glass containers.  They were awesome.


To top it all off I had a few pieces of apple gingerbread.  Sadly, it is all gone Sad smile

After lunch I went a tried on some new running shoes and dreamed of the day I could run again…I did get 3min of running their treadmill while I tried out shoes.  It made me miss running even more.  I still don’t know what shoes I will get when I return to running, but my friend wants me to buy Brooks (he is a rep).  Once my heart was crushed by the smell of news shoes I headed to the polls.

We have a very close Governors race around these parts, but I will just be happy to not see the negative ads all over the TV every morning!

Unfortunately it was dark by the time I finally got to thinking about dinner so no dark pictures of that, but I had some lovely wild salmon that had a “good” label at WF.  Have you seen their new rating system?  It is awesome!  Back to the food…I also had some roasted parsnip fries and long grain brown rice.  Mmmmm rice, it has been too long!  I wish it didn’t take 45min to cook!  Rice IS my comfort food.

Time to get ready for a Glee re-run, damn.Annoyed

Do you think about their environmental/health/social impacts of your food purchases?  Do you like the new WF system?


6 Comments on “Election Day Eats!”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    I like the WFM rating system especially since I do not have time to find out which fish are more sustainable. I always get trout in Atlanta. Also, it is educational for people who have not been paying attention to this issue.

  2. Tina says:

    Oh bummer! Glee was a rerun last night?

    I have really started thinking about the impact of my food choices recently. Especially with meat and dairy. We even bought a cow from a local farm to get meat from. Never thought I would say that. LOL

  3. Look at all that open faced sandwich goodness!!!
    I have about four of those Pom glasses as well and they are just about the only glasses that sailorman and I use, haha. I miss them too, delicious juice and a fabulous glass was a pretty amazing deal, I wish I had stocked up!

  4. I loooove poms!! I’m glad that you wrote Glee was a rerun. I missed it and we don’t have DVR — so.. I was super bummed out! Now I feel better 🙂

  5. rugge says:

    Are you talking about the fish labels? LOVE THIS!!!! Everyone should know how their fish is caught and the impacts different methods have on the environment, fish stocks, and bycatch. You should watch The End of the Line, basically like Food, Inc. for seafood!

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