Better In Theory

I was so excited when I came up with the idea for dinner, unfortunately I did execute it the way I would have liked.  The flavors were all there but I need to work on two elements.


Side note: I love how this red plate pops with the orange and white.

Where the idea began was my love for eggs in a basket, which I need to make again soon!  I love all bread and to have a dippy yoke in the middle of a lightly fried piece of bread is amazing.  So I thought, Why can’t I do this with the acorn squash sitting in my apartment?

I think the hardest part was getting the circle of the squash…I only got 2 real circles out of a small acorn without worrying about loosing a finger.


I roasted the squash for 20min in coconut oil (love) before adding lightly sautéed spinach that I had done on the stove top with garlic powder and S&P.  This was problem #1, too much spinach in the hole!  As you can see my egg fell over the edge!


The egg cooked for another 10min the oven – this was problem #2 it did not cook the way I wanted it too and I think it needed to have a cover over it or something to make it cook faster and get less rubbery.  I added a little fresh parm and S&P to the top.

I will revisit this recipe again!  I think you could also do it with b-nut or any other squash that has seeds you could scoop out out of a round area.  You bet I roasted those seeds!

Along with my egg-in-a-squash I had more squash and some Harvest toast with real butter (just for you Katherine!)


Time to grab a little chocolate out of the freezer and have some tea!  It is getting cold around these parts!


2 Comments on “Better In Theory”

  1. momabeans says:

    Keep on trying…often learn more when things don’t work out as planned – remember my key lime surprise! Looks yummy…color blends are wonderful. Headed home from Chicago later today! Love, Moma Beans

  2. It LOOKS delicious though!
    Tonight my bnut squash is being soupified. I`m mad craving some good sweet potato and squash soup!!!

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