Life Outside The Cube

Thanks to those who served or are currently serving our country, I have today off from work!

When I get days off during the week I try and make the most of them so I never really sleep in.  I was up at 7, which is 1.5 hours more of sleep and it was so nice to eat breakfast with day light and with the Today show!


Yes, I did just wake up and that is my “relaxing morning” giant coffee cup.

Sissy is excited to have me home and joined me at the table while I took some pictures of a delicious breakfast!



French toast coated with almond butter, grilled banana and chia seeds.IMG_0418

Breakfast just tastes better when you can see it!


After breakie and hanging out with Matt I tried to make Jenna’s beginner rolls, but they were like bricks…I tried to make a loaf, but I am calling them dunkers for a pumpkin kale soup I am planning tomorrow.  At least they taste good and they chewiness has not stopped me from eating 5 already.


While these were “rising”  I ran a few errands to Target and the library to pick up a book for my cooking class this weekend!


I am so excited to read this and to take the class the weekend.  I will be sure to give a full report.

After a few bricks I headed out for a lovely bike ride!!!!!


I haven’t been on my bike since September when it started getting to dark to ride after work, and my legs + lungs could totally feel it!Disappointed smile   I almost died on a few hills, but I made it!  It was so pretty out there.



These ponies wanted to play, but I didn’t want to cross the street to horses I didn’t know!

I did my normal loop.


I think I need some new tape on my handle bars!


Thankfully Ashley and Julie have posted about how to do exactly that.

When I got home I was still pretty full from all of the dough balls I ate before heading out but I need some protein for recovery and some veggies…enter smoooothie.IMG_0437

Green monster with spinach, frozen cherries, 2 scoops vanilla hemp protein, skim.


I also tried to enjoy another persimmon, but yet again I thought it was gross.  It sucks the moisture out of my mouth and it is so odd.  I really wish I enjoyed it but I cannot get over the reaction in my mouth!  Am I missing something????  Barf.

So obviously this was not enough for lunch after my bike ride so I made a batch of Anne’s cranberry pumpkin muffins but I omitted the walnuts.


They didn’t come out as flat as I wanted, but I love the pop of the fresh cranberry in this hearty muffin.  I cut the sugar back from 1/2 cup to 1/3 and they still taste delicious!IMG_0441

Look at the cranberry oozing out!  I am going to bring some of these into work for the few of us that make it in tomorrow.

After muffin consumption I headed out to yoga.  Let me tell you it is really hard to go out of the apartment after it is dark, but I did it!  And it felt soooooo good.

When I returned I was starving and cooked up a mix of veg in the oven that cooked while I showered.


No sun for dinner….In a small casarol dish went: bok choy, sliced turnip, mushrooms, goat cheese and tomato sauce – baked for 45min at 350.


Sprinkled with parm cheese and served with a brick from earlier in the day.IMG_0444

Simple ingredients and delicious flavor.  I read about that in Alice Waters’ book today!

Well that about wraps up my day out of the cube.  I just remembered I forgot to go to the dry cleaner but other than that I got a lot done today!

Sissy and I will be spending the rest of the night watching the Ravens!  Things are not looking good…lets hope they can turn things around.


2 Comments on “Life Outside The Cube”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Glad you enjoyed your day off–the muffins look good!!! I made cranberry bread last night! 🙂

  2. They ALMOST turned things around!!! UGH! 😦

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