Food For Thought

I have been trying to figure out what direction I want to take this little blog.  I am still off the running wagon, but I did go to the Doc today and we are going to try some orthotics and eventually work up to running.  Until then I will be biking (I am getting really good and creating my own spin class), swimming and strength training (I went to BodyPump last week and it kicked my butt).

Until I can run again I thought I would zero in on a food mission I have been working on.


Buying Local/ Sustainable/ Organic/ Humane

I tried this today with my Whole Food haul and it was really hard!  I do go to the Farmer’s market every week, but that is ending next week and the labels in WF only say “USA”.  This makes it really hard figure out how far my food has traveled.

Here are some of my personal rules:

  1. There are exceptions one being bananas
  2. Fruit is going to be hard so this will most likely be seasonal – I have some apples left from the fall and peaches from the summer, but I will probably eat citrus (US only!) and some pears.
  3. No berries, grapes, tomatoes and summer squash in the winter –they just don’t taste as good
  4. Get my eggs and milk locally – this one is actually easy
  5. Switch to local cheese – we have some great cheese makers in MD
  6. Eat lots of mushrooms! – being so close to PA, we have tons of them within an hour drive
  7. No foreign products except maybe soy sauce and other Asian condiments
  8. Read labels
  9. Try to buy things without labels

The reason I am trying to buy only US products is because even though the FDA has its problems we have much more food protection that South American or African mega producers.


  • Local #1
  • Domestic
  • Organic
  • Humane

So how did I do today?  Honestly, pretty bad in terms of local.


  • Kombucha – CO, organic
  • Chicken – organic, humane
  • Mushrooms – local
  • Pitas – local
  • Satsuma – USA
  • Yams – organic, USA
  • Green beans – USA
  • Milk – local, organic
  • Yogurt – Organic
  • Chicken broth – organic
  • Parsnips – USA, organic
  • Quinoa – organic (bulk)
  • Spinach – organic – questionable company
  • Peas – organic
  • Chocolate chunks – nada
  • Mustard – ?
  • Bananas – fair trade

I stood in front of the meat case for about 20min reading the Welfare guide and noticing the chicken was the only thing labeled and it had a pretty low rate Sad smile .  Not the one I got, but the normal WF chicken got a 2 out of 5.  Slightly disturbing.


If you are wondering where my protein is in the above pictures besides of the chicken, I have lots of beans, tempeh, salmon and lentils.

What do you think?  I think it will be hard, but I will try and post a similar list every week.

Time to pick up Nick from the bus!  He is late again…


3 Comments on “Food For Thought”

  1. Hey Heather! I’ve noticed that you have “liked” some of my recent posts on FB regarding food policy and I thought I would share some of my blogs with you too. The Forbidden Fig is my personal blog (that I don’t spend nearly enough time on) and then W8less Nutrition is a blog I write for on a weekly basis. After reading some of your recent posts it seems like we are in agreement on so many important food issues!

    I am also an avid runner and can definitely relate to your injury as I had a stress fracture about three years ago that kept me off my feet as well..I would love to chat more about it, maybe via email?

    I hope you enjoy reading some of my posts as well. We should keep in touch!

    Take care,

  2. Moma Beans says:

    ok I guess everyone is like me and trying to pull their thoughts together before commenting to this seriously thoughtful blog. I will work on getting my act together as I have my thoughts.

    for sure – LOCAL and cool that farmer’s are open to talking, although it has been so long since anyone asked! But that is in the past!

  3. Diana Filo says:

    Hey lady,
    I haven’t been as up to date on your blog as I would have liked… i noticed Nick was late again and I just wanted to let you know that you two can definitely get through it!! The only thing that makes a late bus ok, is seeing your loved one getting off of it. 🙂 Miss you, call or email if you want to chat.


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