What The Tempeh?


What is tempeh?  The short answer is – partially cooked fermented soy.  You can read the full write up on that very reliable source Wiki.

When I first tried the stuff I thought it was really gross.  I was looking for an alternative to tofu (because I have to cook the poop out of it to give it a texture I enjoy) and tempeh has the same basic principles.  I am still trying to limit my soy  intake because it is seriously in everything but it is really easy to through a chunk of this stuff in a pan and be eating in minutes.


It is definitely something you have to get used to.  I like it best with any sort of strong marinade or sauce.  I also like to add it to my cheddar & jelly.

Tonight I marinated about 1/4 block of tempeh in some olive oil, paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, S&P and hot sauce.

Heated it up and toped a mix of spinach, and parsnip fries.


I also like to get the varieties with flax or wild rice for even more texture changes in my mouth.


I threw in a whole grain in the form of Harvest Bread with real butter.  Did you know I liked this stuff???


The best sauces I have used on tempeh are: bbq, curry, balsamic and mustard mix, and mexican spices.

So, have you used tempeh?  What is your favorite combo?

On the workout front…I did 15min on the spin bike and an hour of BodyPump.  It isn’t running, but it will do for now.


One Comment on “What The Tempeh?”

  1. Lindsay says:

    H! Ok first of all, Wiki!! I always tell my students that is NOT allowed to be one of their sources for their French speaking country project! Haha! How was Body Pump? Did the instructor yell at you for not getting low enough in your squats?

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