Toothless Eats

On Friday morning I had my wisdom teeth out.  Did you know you can have any number of wisdom teeth up to 4?  I only have 3!Disappointed smile

So what does one eat when solid foods are not allowed and I am scared to get dry sockets!  I also did not want to be eating ice cream the whole time because I still need to get nutrients into my body! (I did have the last of our vanilla coconut ice cream on the first night and it was delicious!)

I have been using my blender and masher quite a bit.


My mom was here the first day and she made me a big thing of chocolate pudding with yogurt.IMG_0529

I added some blended banana with peanut flour to the remaining pudding for another “meal”

I have also been eating a lot of mashed sweet potatoes with goat cheese melted in.IMG_0527

More of these…


Blended with this and some vanilla hemp protein.


I am also enjoying some smooth cold/luke warm soups.


This tomato bisque from WF is really good cold!  I ate about 3/4 of it in one sitting.

For breakfast I have been eating milked down oat bran with a mashed banana.IMG_0531

I wish I had more pudding right now, but I want to eat a big piece of crusty bread even more.  I can only chew with my front teeth and it definitely makes you slow down to eat.Turtle

If you have your wisdom teeth out, what did you eat?

side note:  You definitely do not need to spend the money of anesthesia unless you have serious dental anxiety or your teeth are impacted.  I have nitrous gas and I was fine.  It also saved me $300.


One Comment on “Toothless Eats”

  1. Coco says:

    oh goodness. i have AWFUL wisdom teeth memories. I had all 4 removed, and they were impacted, so the surgeon had to break them each into tiny pieces and then remove each piece. needless to say, i wasn’t eating solid food for a good month or so.

    Milkshakes were great (but I also got mine out in the hot summertime so maybe that’s why). But you can definitely get sick of those. Applesauce, pudding, refried beans (or other soft beans), soup are good options. And even just mashing regular food into small, manageable bites is fine. Might look gross, but it all goes down the same, right?! haha

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