Soft and Mushy

No, I am not talking about one of my mom’s favorite cheesy lines “Say something soft and mushy Henry”, I am talking about my food!

One thing I have found out is that blue cheese + sweet potato is amazing.

Another awesome combo that I would have never tried if I didn’t lose my teeth was scrambled eggs in soup.


Scrambled eggs with chili powder, garlic powder, S&P and goat cheese.  Placed on top of the last of the tomato bisque soup.


Delicious!  I would have never done this if I could chew solid foods!

Next I stepped up my game and went into the chew foods all steamed so there was no crunch and things that could POKE. (My antibiotic pack fell out today and I really freaked out thinking it was the blood clot!)

To much so lets move onto the food…


One soft tortilla to wrap up some of the goodness.


I started sautéing an onion then added garlic, red wine vinegar, mustard powder, S&P.  Then I chopped up some brussel sprouts  and kale extra fine and threw them in.  Once those were going I chopped up a sausage link from this new product I saw flying around the blogshere.IMG_0535

I am always looking for protein alternatives to tofu.  This was actually pretty good and the ingredients are decent.  It added a nice flavor to the meal.


I also browns, which is a plus!

This was a little hard to chew and sort of hurt my jaw to grind the food up Sad smile  I guess I need to head back to the soups, banana bread, smoothies and pudding.

Speaking of pudding, why did I ever stop eating this stuff???  Nick brought me back chocolate vanilla swirl pudding cups when he went out on Sunday and I love them!  I eat them layer by layer.



No sugar free anyone!  Honestly it is 50 calories and for real sugar I will take it!  I know Jello brand might not be the best ingredient puddings but I am going to look into Whole Foods.  I think there is a local dairy that makes pudding…could be dangerous.

Did you enjoy pudding as a child?  I surely did, chocolate vanilla swirls all the way!


2 Comments on “Soft and Mushy”

  1. Coco says:

    i LOVE pudding. as yes, i agree. sugar free just isn’t the same. 50 more calories is worth it for the taste of real milky pudding! plus, it has like 10% of your daily calcium needs woo! some puddings have up to like 15 or 20%!

  2. Diana Filo says:

    1. I’m so sorry about your wisdom teeth. I got mine pulled when I was 17… brutal!

    2. This has nothing to do with this post, but I FINALLY made kale chips. LOVE. THEM!!

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