Cookies and Bikes

Confession:  I like to watch the Sarah Palin show on TLC.  I  don’t know why, and I don’t think she could run the country but she makes me really want to visit Alaska.  She is so simple.

Anywho now that you think I am crazy (unless you are my grandfather) I am going to blame it on the sugar.


I have been making gingerbread cookies!  Yes, I know they are thick but I have vivid memories from my childhood of my mom cursing the gingerbread cookies for breaking when they were too thin.  I used a Martha Stewart recipe but subbed the eggs for flax eggs because I was out.  These do not stretch easily so I worked up a sweat rolling them out.  In between cookie batches I hoped on the bike!


Nick got me a bike trainer for Christmas and I obviously could not wait to set it up (he said I could)!  This is our random corner with band hero stuff, Sissy toys, the world map and the Christmas tree.  Cozy.  I rode the bike easy for the 10min intervals that the cookies were baking.  It is going to be great for the winter!  I am still dealing with a hip (I am always falling apart these days!) issue and I think I may be getting sick so taking it easy was key.  It worked really well but the bar in the back got kind of hot after a short time…I think I need to turn down the tension.

I’m still eating softer foods but things are getting better.  Tomorrow we have a dessert and appetizer bar for the holidays.  I usually do not like most of the stuff people bring because they are all store bought, but we shall see.

Time to get back to my dinner before Sissy eats it!



2 Comments on “Cookies and Bikes”

  1. rugge says:

    Is your page snowing? Ha perfect with the gingerbread cookies and christmas tree!

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