Tapas Fiesta!

I am so sleepy, but for good reason.  Last night Jess had an amazing holiday tapas party in NJ and I was up later than I have been since new years last year.


I wish I had more pictures of the actual food because Jess did amazing job but this is what I can remember.

  • Marinated carrots (Jess I need that recipe!)
  • olives
  • almonds
  • romesco sauce with grilled bead
  • homemade mozzarella sticks
  • grass fed beef meatballs
  • fried cauliflower
  • sardines! – First time and 100x better than I thought once I got around the bones, thanks Rugs
  • chorizo, roasted red pepper and pearl onion sticks
  • potato frittata with homemade aioli
  • homemade sugar cookies


Do you see the zebra?

Now for some fun photos of the evening!


Starting with one of Jess’ cocktails – Cava, cranberry and triple sec with floaters.



Check out how tall that tree is!  12ft tall!



The whole group with Jess’ camera flash going off at the same time – bright!





i-phone fun times.IMG_0571

I tended the fire at one point…


and danced around until things got blurry.


As always the Rugges put on a great party!  Thank you!



2 Comments on “Tapas Fiesta!”

  1. rugge says:

    Thanks for putting up pictures! Can you email me some? I didn’t take as many as I would have liked. I’ll email you the marinated carrot recipe. Thanks again for coming up!!!

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