Just Beet It

Holy Moly it is freezing outside!  If you live from Chicago east you know what I am talking about.  The news says it is 30% cooler than the normal temps for this time of the year and I worry about the FL citrus crops.  Global Warming?  I don’t really believe in the whole thing, but that is another topic.

Tonight I embarked on my first ever beet adventure.  It wasn’t pretty, there was a lot of red all over my kitchen and my fingers but they taste way better then anything out of can.  They took a long time to cook and the skin gets really brown when baked, but there was no way I was about to peel them.  I treated the skin like a potato or carrot skin.  Obviously I wash them before hand!


My beets came out way darker than any other I have had, and I am not sure why but that didn’t seem to change the way they tastes.


Along with my beets I cooked up some lentils with leeks and goat cheese.  Anything tastes good with goat cheese but I love lentils.  I always seem to forget about them.


I felt like I needed a little grain action so I grabbed a pita and stuffed her full.


Much better!  Chewy, crunchy, goaty, good.

I have two more beets to eat but I am not sure I would ever make them again…I don’t love them enough wait over an hour and make my hands pink.  I think I will leave the beets to B Bistro!

One thing I don’t think I will ever stop making is… Jenna’s Cranberry Orange Pecan Bread.


This stuff is amazing.  I know it looks dry and crumbly, but it has amazing flavor and I love fresh cranberries and oranges together!  The batter is really dry and you would think it would not come together, but magically it does!  She also used walnuts but I am allergic so pecans work perfectly!IMG_0591

I had to try 2 pieces for dessert to make sure I made it correctly – hot right out of the oven!

Sissy was really excited!


OK, not so much.  She is not big on being held but I feel like she has been missing from the blog!

I am off to snuggle with my fur ball and read my book under covers.

Stay warm and wear a hat!


One Comment on “Just Beet It”

  1. Moma Beans says:

    Lily Beans, The other night, roasted beets from Portland, ME WFM – only four smaller ones, so not a big red mess! I did peel them and mixed with parsnips and turnip for about 20 min< and they were yummy! maybe fewer beets at a time is the answer. Then B bistro is a winner always!

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