In The News

Two things  I saw on the news that I thought were interesting and worth posting about:

1) Group Dannon can no longer claim that eating Activia will help make you regular


There is an *, but now they cannot claim that their yogurt can make you regular over others.  It is kind of the same issues that was had with Cheerios claiming to lower blood pressure when it is actually the whole grains not the brand that is shown to lower cholesterol and bp.  I am just happy that someone is standing up to companies who play into our personal esteem issues or give us an excuse to eat anything else as long and we are eating their “fix all food”.  Now if we can only get fun cartoons off of sugary cereals and microwave dinners, we would be all set.


Personally I think we should be sell the food to the people who are actually buying it but parents seem to be losing all backbones and letting their child pick what they eat for dinner.  When I was growing up I had to try whatever my mom made and I was only allowed a sugar cereal once in awhile.  Once I was a teen I was able to pic my food more often, but I had to grown to like normal foods for dinner…we won’t talk about my ding-dongs in my lunch.

I got a little off topic there, but what do you think?  Do you think kids are getting to much of a choice in what they eat?

2) Michael Vick wants to get another dog…I think that is like giving a crack pipe to and addict and tell him not to smoke it…just be happy you are out of jail man!



4 Comments on “In The News”

  1. Lindsay says:

    It all starts at home. Lazy parenting=fat, lazy kids, It’s awful.

  2. Katherine says:

    Totally agree with the lazy parent = fat kid.

    Well said on the MV issue. If michael vick wants to get a dog, i think he should have to go through everything he put his pitts through, lets cut off his ears, force him to fight, beat him, kick him, deny him any love and compassion. I really despise him. I cant believe he has the gall to even mention the word dog, he is not worthy of the love of such an amazing creature.

  3. I was disgusted with what kindergarten and 1st graders brought for lunch while working in a school. From the sugary drink to the lunchable to the prepackaged dessert. And to think they probably have similar food for the other two meals of their day too! Ick

  4. I’m also happy that people are standing up to large corporations and saying they can’t use sneaky tactics to trick consumers anymore.

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