Merry Christmas!


I hope everyone had a great Christmas (if  you celebrate) and a nice long weekend if you don’t!  This was the first Christmas I was without my grandparents and it was bitter sweet.  I was able to spend the holiday with Nick for the first time, but they were surely missed.IMG_0620

Christmas Eve we had Nick’s dad over for dinner.




We made roasted yams, butternut squash, green beans with mushroom and almonds, onions and pork roast.

For dessert we had local peppermint stick ice cream, gingerbread cookies and Rugge rum balls.


We all headed out after dinner to find some tacky lights and we were successful!

Christmas morning we opened stockings and presents.


Sissy enjoyed a head piece as well, but more as a play toy.


After presents, Nick went to his Dad’s and my mom and I went to church and then to Nick’s mom’s house for dinner.




Overall it was a great Christmas with new traditions.  I am glad my mom could come and join us and meet more of Nick’s family.  Is new years really only 5 days away??! Time to clean up wrapping paper and anxiously wait for the “snow storm” that is supposedly coming.

Happy Holidays!


3 Comments on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Lindsay says:

    aww you did a good job table setting for nick’s dad! everything looks great!

  2. Glad you had a great Christmas. Love the holiday desserts. They are very festive!

  3. Moma Beans says:

    fabulous Christmas love bug! Thank you I hope you are making black eye peas for New Year’s! Mine are soaking

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