Lentils For Life!

So, how hard was it to go back to work today?  It was seriously painful for me.  Not only was I spoiled with having Nick here two extra days, but I have gotten used to 2 and 3 day work weeks.  Sorry if I snapped at you today!

I had planned on going to the pool today after work because I am finally getting over my cold, but I forgot my towel Sad smile  I came home and rode the bike for 30min while watching Anthony Bourdain eat porcupine (yuck).  I rolled and stretched my heart out before hitting the showers.

I hadn’t had a veggie all day so I knew I had to load up at dinner!  I try to eat at least 5 servings of veggies a day, but it is really hard!


I started with the idea of snobby joes but I really didn’t want to look up the recipe so I sort of just winged it with flavors I liked.

After cooking the lentils I added a can of fire roasted tomatoes, splash of BBQ sauce, mustard powder, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, sriracha and S&P.


I let that boil and bit before adding a few roasted onions hot out of the oven.IMG_0646

Layered on harvest bread with avocado .  Spicy and delicious!  Smoky from the chili powder and paprika.

I also had some roasted broccoli on the side.


I added a little fresh parsley to give it color and I love the fresh flavor of parsley!


Maybe I will be more creative with food in 2011!  Lentils are lovely and I am all out!  To the bulk bins!

p.s. I LOVE that the iPhone has another bug.  Flip phones for life!


2 Comments on “Lentils For Life!”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Vive le flip phone!

  2. Moma Beans says:

    Lilybeans, glad to hear you are feeling better. Those lentils look yummy. I just loaded up at the bulk bins when I got my black eye peas.

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